Ninth Annual Conference on New Directions in Analyzing Text as Data (TADA 2018)

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Ninth Annual Conference on New Directions in Analyzing Text as Data (TADA 2018)

September 21-22, 2018, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Call for Applications and Paper Proposals

Application link:

TADA 2018 invites applications for participation and research presentations on new work related to text-as-data methods and applications.  Past TADA papers have been authored by a wide range of researchers from social science and computational disciplines, and we aim to achieve a similar interdisciplinary mix in 2018.  Examples of work presented at recent TADA conferences can be found at the websites for the 2017 and 2016 meetings.

This year, we are especially committed to broadening participation.  Graduate students in all related disciplines are strongly encouraged to to apply.  We will implement a new “doctoral consortium” format that includes pairing student presenters with expert mentors.

TADA 2018 is a non-archival conference; there is no formal proceedings, and papers presented at the conference will not be distributed publicly.  However, presenters are expected to provide a paper to which a discussant can respond. Work that is in review, in press, or already published is allowed to be submitted for presentation at TADA 2018, provided that it is current and has not been presented at a previous TADA meeting.

The conference will consist of two parts: oral presentations of selected papers in a single track format, and a doctoral consortium of poster presentations by Ph.D. students.  Doctoral consortium participants will be assigned mentors from the text-as-data community who will offer detailed feedback.

Because space is limited, we ask all interested participants to apply.  Each individual who might attend the conference is asked to submit a separate application; each proposed paper should be submitted exactly once by a single contact author.  Individuals whose paper is being submitted by another should simply answer “no” to “are you the contact author of a proposed paper?”

We anticipate that funding will be available to facilitate participation of attendees for whom it would be a financial burden.  If you would like to be considered for a registration waiver and/or travel funding, please indicate this where requested on the application.

We recognize that diversity leads to stronger science, and we actively seek, welcome, and encourage people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities to apply and attend. Scholars who self-identify as: women, people of color, non-binary or genderqueer, transgender, people who have lived in poverty, people with disabilities, immigrants, religious minorities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application link:


  • June 15:  deadline for applications, including paper proposals

  • July 15:  notification of acceptance

  • September 1:  deadline for papers

  • September 21-22:  conference

Program committee:

  • Jeff Arnold, University of Washington
  • Ken Benoit, London School of Economics
  • Amber Boydstun, University of California Davis
  • Bruce Desmarais, Pennsylvania State University
  • Emily Gade, University of Washington
  • Will Lowe, Princeton University
  • Noah Smith, University of Washington
  • Arthur Spirling, New York University
  • Hanna Wallach, Microsoft Research
  • John Wilkerson, University of Washington

Application link:

Please contact Noah Smith with questions.